i smells like fish!

May 05, 2010.


good evening blog.

i am doing sport check in my work station. ha ha. i am rarely doing this but this time there are no compromise, eh!

i asked one of my staff to clear up the freezer and chiller. he did delay the work since last week. hah! i am sick with thousand of reasons and decided to do it by myslef.

since i am the leader, i used my power to ask few of my staffs to help me carry out any heavy goods. ha ha..

nice, it works.

despite of doing clearance, i wanna do a sport check too. this is the main purpose. when i did by myself i noticed several things that my staffs try to hide on me.


there is no surprise when i found the result. because i did hear rumors from my staffs about that particular matters. being me, i never trust rumors but will investigate them 1st either it is true or not.

know what, i found wastages inside the freezer. some of them are mix up with raw materials.. hurm. usually, my staffs will taking home all wastages. meaning that, they are taking away raw materials too. FOR FREE.

working in this area, some peeps are taking for granted such as bring along free foods back. i am not encouraging this attitude becasue all goods are not belong to you. there are paid by students!

unless, foods or goods are rejected or wastages. *sigh.

p/s: i smells like fish because during the clearance i removed raw fish, chickens and prawns. hu hu.

** i did not found any suitable pics in this lappy because this is my sis' -_____-"



Liza said...

i hate smelly fridge, the moment you open the door, the odour can spread to the whole house...