May 6, 2010.


hello blog.

currently i dont have any idea what to blog about. i look at the screen then turn to keyboard..

my brain cant process anything to share here. it mess up. mix up. sigh..

on the desk, files are mix up with cash bills and several of documents. the ball pen, calculator, car key, stapler, hand phone, air condition remote and paper clips are lied on the desk T_T

time is running out.

my adrenalin is slow moving.. desperately, i force my inner strength to clear up my desk.. i pick up one by one and re arrange them.

after two hours my desk is still untidy. hu hu hu -____-"

p/s: is trying to clear it now..



Liza said...

my desk dah lama untidy, ntah bila lah nak kemas

*ayu the sun* said...

rileks my dear...
dont force urself..
its normal..

(akak pujuk diri sendiri gak ni)
take care!