happy mother's day

May 09, 2010.


morning blog.

heh. i am poor with general knowledge and current info (most of the time). i am not sure when is the mother's day.

please correct me if i am wrong, as far as i could remember every 1st weekend of may is mother's day. then, every 1st weekend of june is father's day.

hu hu. never mind. for me, every day are mother's and father's day.


however, when i view at fb status one of my buddy wrote that " In Malaysia, Mother's day is celebrated on the Second Sunday of May every year" . hahh, nice!

means, today is the mother's day..

above are my younger sister, cik syahira, my mom, my teacher+my parent's buddy+my sweetheart's mother's adopted sister, my sweetheart's sister, my sweetheart's mother and father, lastly my teacher's hubby.

i would love to wish happy mother's day to my mom, mdm. masamah mohamad and sweetheart's mother, mdm. siti khamimah mohd jamil. plus not forget to mothers world wide..

1st and foremost, my mom is the one and only who never be replaced by any one else. she's the super mom in my eyes. i seldom shows my love to her but deep in my heart, i do really love her very very much.

this year i will buy her a special gift! just love to see her smiles.

2nd, my sweetheart's mother is very very nice to me. i am glad to meet her, know her, share stories with her and the most important thing is ..

i would NEVER ever let my sweetheart love me before he love his mother <3 <3 <3

over all, i pray hard for the best to my beloved mothers.

p/s: not forgotten, al-fatihah to ibu, hajah rafeah. may you rest in peace.