every morning

i don't like this. but i have to tell you the truth! i am not complaining but guess what.. it's about what happen to me every morning. people out there, do think about it and take propmt actions ok. i live at some where at Seksyen Seven, Shah Alam with my friends. we live in happily and peacefully until one day i don't know where this crazy creature (cc) come from and start to disturb our lifes. ok.. the story is ever morning this (cc) i mean that single person that i don't have any idea who she/he is, doing some thing that make us feels very angry, fed up and turn to speak impolite words. (cc) started to press her/his motor bike as hard as she/he can for so many times!!! just imagine how noisy the sound is it!!! you know what, for the first and second week i still can consider what ever the (cc) done. but i think, she/he is now doing too much and i can't longer being patient anymore. (cc), you please watch out ok! you disturb my morning especially my sleeping's time and don't you feel any responsible or respect to other people.. seriously.. i don't understand what kind of (cc) are you??! sorry to say. but.. please.. don't make me meet you with my pyjama and scold you one day.. during that time, i might be declare war to you. so please learn from your mistakes and people out there, don't try this at home..