spa exam questions

April 14, 2010.


hi, blog.

when i was doing my work suddenly i remember about this. last saturday was my birthday (eh, should i mention about this! ha ha). i am sitting for spa exam at seri malaysia hotel, jb.

wait.. speaking about spa, i did mention to sweetheart last time that spa means suruhanjaya pilihanraya awam! gosh. then, he said "are you sure??" i am strongly confident and said yesss!!


back to the spa exam, i did remember one of their english essay question (more or less lah):

facebook, twitter and myspace were another tool of communication. how this apparently giving bad impact/ danger to users. discuss.

then, on general issues questions:

listed below were late yasmin ahmad's film except:
(A) sepet (B)mualaf (C) papadom (D)mukhsin

in year 2010, the world cup will be held at:
(A) south africa (B), (C), (D) i forgot..

on the other hand, the essay question for bahasa melayu is:

golongan baru terutamanya generasi muda dikatakan kurang mempunyai semangat patriotik. bincangkan.

*rolling eyes.

thank god, i manage to write english essay within the time given. unfortunately i take half an hour to start the 1st paragraph for bahasa melayu -______-"

because.. the last time i write bahasa melayu essay was last 2007!

p/s: therefore, do read and write in both language to improve your writing skills. hu hu hu.