signal please

April 14, 2010.


morning blog. huarggh.. <- huhh. i am yawning too while typing this!

i wonder why some of driver fails to use the signal light??

every morning i drive to work and feeling sick when i saw the silly driver forgot (is forgiven) but did not or fails to use the signal light.

hello, you are such annoying person that i found today! in fact, i am wasting my times waiting for some one who tend to turn left or right.

because i can over take their way easier. grr.

i believe, most of drivers out there having the same prob like me. otherwise, they might be the one who forgot (nice, i forgive you) or silly who fails to do so.

therefore, change the habit slowly for the good sake. please, lah.

p/s: huhh. what is going on with me?