8 things to cheer me up!

April 15, 2010.


morning blog.

recently my mood went up and down. i need my girls to cheer me up. we did plan several of activities for coming weekend.

i dont care to drive hundreds miles. as long as i can forget things that make my heart broken into pieces.

even though it was unpaid leaves. ahh. never mind! since there are few hours left so i would love to jot down things that i will doing by this weekend. insya Allah.

things to do to cheer me up:

1. meeting my girls at shah alam and subang.
2. baking butter cake inspired from here. <- perempuan, if you see this i bet you&sheila loves me more! ha ha.
3. going to gatsby deodorant street fair with terompahsurau.
4. visiting newborn, iman.
5. attending my senior's wedding with my bff.
6. next appointment with dentist!
7. window shopping.
8. i wish to meet sweetheart's younger sis. because i miss her brother. wink.

done. many thanks to my girls who brighten my days. hugs you all!

p/s: i miss my sweetheart so much! i wish to bake this for him.