field trip to cambodia

March 19, 2010.


good morning buddies.

hah.. finally i update about my field trip to cambodia. *coughs. a last year's story. hu hu hu.

never mind eh. better than never.

a field trip to cambodia, this is my so called final project for isp 3 in uitm shah alam. basically, the case study was about the airport refurbishment.

we (uitm post graduated students and lecturers) went to seam reap and phnom penh, cambodia for 4 days 3 nights visited by air asia last march 2009.

ha ha ha. that's why when there come another march makes me flash back at last year bitter sweet and sour memories with my uitm babes.

my not 1st time traveling with air asia but my so 1st time ever waiting for 1st flight such very early in the morning. hu hu hu. * before sun rise!

as far as i could remember couple of months before we went to cambodia, we put 500% of efforts to complete the proposal of airport refurbishment project!

i have never been so stress before but because of this we (my team) work bloody hard for this project.. i just smile, baby. to boost the power of life ^_____^

p/s: makara, are you reading this? i miss you buddy.