the journey to cambodia

March 19, 2010.


good evening buddies.

another updates about the journey to the kingdom of wonder. never asked me why wonder? i am still wonder why.. maybe because this is the place where by every body should wonder why when who which and how..

wink wink.

the 1st flight to seam reap, cambodia and if i am not mistaken it was before 7am. might be around 645am.

yesss.. i am sill remember i not sleeping for the whole night because i am worried i miss this! i went to lcct at 330am.. hu hu hu.

the best part is when i watched the sun rise..

in fact, every time i travel i always wish to have this meal.. just because i love chicken satey very much..

oh, where should i am looking for satey by this evening, eh. i want this! i want this!

p/s: my girl friends, let's have satey next month in shah alam!



liyana said...

yay!babe nk blanje kami satey ^_^