promise is promise - cambodia

March 18, 2010.


good evening, babes!

after quite sometimes, eh maybe take so much times for this.. finally, i managed to update about my journey to cambodia.

yesss.. i know. sounds expired for those who knows me well. it was a last year field trip study under uitm shah alam.

but, i promise to one of my blogger babe (might be she ord forgot about this!) to share my experiences in the kingdom of wonder.

this is seam reap airport, cambodia. on sunny march 2009! ^_____^

so buddies out there, fasten your seat belt and the journey to cambodia will began. wink wink.

p/s: kak ayu.. this is for you ^_______________^



*ayu the sun* said...

yay!!!! tak sempat nak tinggal jejak.. but i love reading all the entries on cambodia.. ada lagik kah?

thanks dearie!