things i found interesting inside the airport

March 31, 2010.


this is my 3rd time traveling around the asian country. i wish to travel around the glob. wink wink.

back packers might be great idea for us, my sweetheart and i ^______^

it is ok.

let's take a look what i found during my 1st visit inside seam reap international airport:

the news paper.

every time i travel i bought a newspaper/ magazines published by that country which i found that material was interesting to grab home. however in this case, the monk catches my eyes with his sneakers! i snap this at airport.

nice ceiling deco.

if i am not mistaken this is a lamp. such as a chandelier. pretty cool eh.

the international airport.

three different airports in cambodia operated by one big company. i went to seam reap and phnom penh. one day i hope i can visit sihanoukville.

the sculpture.

well, you know cambodia have million of sculptures. you can see different styles of them, every where. this become their trade mark to tourist/ foreigners.

the focal point. awesome!

another interesting things inside the airport. see.. another sculpture. cool, eh.

i share with you several info about my journey to cambodia.. after we visited seam reap international airport we straight to phnom penh which take us about the whole day.

we went by bus with poor road conditions and the journey started around 2pm and we arrived phnom penh city at 8pm!

just imagine, within poor road condition, no place to rest like r &r in malaysia, no street lighting and no no no even no public toilet!

in fact, that what we called an experiences or challenges or adventurous.

p/s: stay tune eh.