ding dong!

March 31, 2010.


good morning buddies.

today is the end of march. april just reach us in a few hours..

i would love to call upon above listed to mail me your full address for souvenirs' delivery. ^_____^

1st place: http://erynaraisyajoincontest.blogspot.com

2nd place: http://zhetthye.blogspot.com *done

3rd place: http://alyazahraoncontest.blogspot.com

lucky buddies:

http://arissasoleha.blogspot.com *done


http://misznierah.blogspot.com *done


http://deardelaila.blogspot.com *done

http://noiya.blogspot.com *done

p/s: email me your full name and address to syahira[dot]fauzan[at]yahoo[dot]com.

* by this weekend i post ever single things (diary one year old contest and print screen contest) to you.

**congratulations and i am apologized in advanced for uncertainties. i hope you like them.



lily lotus said...

ehh akak nak mail add gaklah..hihhii..in case dimasa depan nak send apa2 :P

07raflessia said...

hye lil girl.. i thought u announce already the winner.. and each giveaway i joined i give up already to see who's the winner cause i never win any of it.. thx... love yaa... so happy!!~~~~~~~~~