din beramboi critical condition

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular comedian, radio and TV presenter Mior Ahmad Fuad Mior Badri, better known as Din Beramboi, 43, is facing an uphill battle against two afflictions.

Diagnosed early on as facing infection from rat urine, believed to be Leptospirosis, Din has also been confirmed as also facing dengue hemorrhagic fever.

Youngest sister, Rozana Laili confirmed this with The Malay Mail.

“He has been sick for almost a week. We heard he was facing a normal fever. He collapsed last night, and was brought to the hospital before doctors said he had a 50-50 chance of survival.

“It’s a two-in-one situation, arising from rat urine infection and dengue,” she said.

“We’ve been through a lot and we can’t cry anymore and still so many people are calling and it’s draining but we understand everyone is concerned and worried for Din.”

Din’s mother, Rahmah binti Abdullah Sani, 74, was a composed figure when she spoke to The Paper That Cares.

“Right now, he is in coma and under observation to see whether his condition will take a turn for the worse or better," she said.

"As a mother, I pray that through the grace of God, he will be given an opportunity to open his eyes and be with us again.”

She said she was touched by the love shown by Din’s friends and fans alike and thanked them for their prayers, and support shown last night.

“I thank his fans for the love they’ve shown. Only God can repay their kindness.”

As soon as word of Din’s ailment and condition made the headline news last night, as well as a call for Type O blood to help, scores of fans showed up at the Selayang Hospital to donate blood.

Many friends from the local entertainment fraternity turned up concerned and offered their contributions as well including Mamat Khalid, Raja Azmi, Fara Fauzana, Aidid Marcello, Ally Iskandar, Nana, Ray, Nabil, Irma Hasmie and band Bunkface.

By about 8.30pm last night however, many were turned away as visiting hours were over and the hospital claimed it had more than enough blood.

Din’s partner on the breakfast show over Era FM, Pagi Di Era, Aznil Nawawi, was one of the few who were allowed access.

“He looked tired on Wednesday, but I thought he was just tired from work,” said Aznil. “But he didn’t show up on Thursday and Friday either and he texted, saying he had a fever.

“On Monday he didn’t show up as well, and I didn’t think too much of it as I was busy with the recording of Jangan Lupa Lirik. So when I got the news just now, it was a shocker, and I rushed here as soon as I was done with my recording.”

Aznil, though allowed up to the intensive care unit, was not allowed to visit Din, with the latter’s wife the only person who had access.

“On the doctor’s advice, only his wife is allowed to be with him. Still, I feel better getting the latest updates from his wife.

“I was upset throughout the whole day and I felt the need to just drop everything and find out how he was, but now I am slightly relieved to find out his condition, though still praying for his well-being.”

Din, the third of four siblings, is married with three children.

His co-judge on the comedy reality programme Raja Lawak, Afdlin Shauki, was among the first to spread the word of Din’s condition yesterday afternoon after visiting him. In SMSes and ‘tweets’ over Twitter, he had said that Din’s organ functions had shut down and he is bleeding internally.

When contacted, an upset Afdlin said it was a situation that he found hard to accept.

“He is one of my closest friends - always strong - and to see him in the ICU is very tough on me.

“We believe he could have been infected during the shoot of a children’s show (for Astro Ceria) at Zoo Negara”.

Comedian Zizan who had visited Din with Afdlin yesterday afternoon said he had originally heard the news from a cousin working in the hospital.

“I heard he was infected, and that his heart and liver and critical organs had been affected. They’re cleaning his blood and giving him 24 to 48 hours. His family is there and he is not in a good condition. We’re just now waiting for the latest word,” said Zizan.

A semi-regular on Aznil and Din’s breakfast show, Azwan Ali said it was a wake-up call, especially after he had been through the same situation before.

“I just met him last week, and everything seemed all right and we were having a laugh together. I pray for him and hope he recovers.”

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