random pictures of Le Tour De Pangkor

March 05, 2010.


hello there. good evening every one.

yesss.. this is the final entry for pangkor island. i supposed publish this story earlier but unfortunately my scheduled is packed -____-"

ok, the full story began with:

my sweetheart's father invited me to join their family day. the family day was held at pangkor island. there are 41 peeps (adults and kids) including 2 babies inside mummies wombs ^____^

early in the morning around 730am (can be considered as early) 3 cars convoyed from sweetheart's home went to r & r rawang to meet another 5 cars. there are 8 cars from kl to jetty lumut.

the transportation committee was super busy bee during that day *cough-cough.

there are sweetheart's mom (of cause beside me), sisters, cousins and his aunts. we were waiting for others in r & r rawang. around 9am ++ we off to jetty lumut.

around 1.00pm we arrived safely in jetty lumut. then the transportation committees bought tickets for us to pangkor island. my sweetheart's cousin and i were waiting at the jetty.

yayy!! shopping at the 1st day in pangkor with his aunts and cousins. i adore this gadget and will be my next aim to grab - dslr o__O

this is our 2nd day in pangkor island. there have a telematches! wow.. there's been ages i didnt join this kind of activities.

with his cousin after telematches and before we went snorkeling! psst.. i won one of the game vs my sweetheart! sorry, darling..

around 4pm we stand by at the lobby, chartered 3 vans and have a tour around the island. eh.. eh. this is sweetheart's sisters and lil cousins.

generally, this is his big happy family included his parents and siblings, grandmother, aunts and uncles, cousins and giant mr squid (which is not his family members) hu hu hu.

sorry for not remember what is the name of this place -___-" this is sweetheart's mom, aunt, cousin and baby inside her womb! she is his 1st eldest cousin who married in his family..

this is on the 3rd day. around 10am we crossed to jetty lumut. haihhh.. bye-bye pangkor island!

we love camera so much and will always stand by where ever we go! the best part about the ferry is we can stay at the top. cool~

why do i look like preggy on this picture? hu hu hu. never mind. *cough-cough. this is his mother, father, younger sister and brother. blushed!

this shy shy girl is one of his cousin name syahira too. every one on his family called her syira kecik and called me syira besar. ^____^

i end my pangkor trip as well as his family day with his youngest cousin, ekmal's picture. where ever he goes, if he is sleepy he can easily sleep.. even on the ferry's bench! wink wink.

p/s: dear sweetheart, thank you very much and i do really enjoy the holiday with your family.