i have been promoted!

March 06, 2010.


hello there. how do you do? i am doing fine..

anyway thank you very much, eh. even on saturday my simple blog still have visitors ^_____^

around 8pm i finished my work and immediately went home. hu hu hu. i dont have off day for saturday and sunday. pity me, is it?

my off day is during school holiday -____-" almost a week to go. ding dong!

psstt.. i have a good news to share. in not about one month i am working here, now i have been promoted to in charge/ lead 90% of the operational activities (management).

is a big responsibility!

never mind. i love to challenge myself to work for it. i hope my organization esp my staffs will help and support me to ensure this company can achieve the mission and vision.

p/s: i can see far away, there's been thousands of work load too where by might cracking my head! T_T



liyana said...

tahniah perempuan!!

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum my girl (perempuanku),
thank you. let's celebrate!