let's go to angkor watt

March 24, 2010.


good morning. oh, sorry for late updates! hu hu hu.

yeah, without further due let's jump to the conclusion. eh no! let's take a look what angkor watt is all about. wink wink.

* walking mode..

nice, is it. i have mention that angkor watt 1st build since 12th century and this is the way to angkor watt from the entrance..

damn hot! yesss i am hot. ha ha ha. because of sunny days lah. i am walking to the temple. then, stop by for a camera time!

thank god! finally i arrived safely inside the temple. it was so cool like in caves. purposely they (other tourists) visited this temple for prayers but for us we visited this place to experience ourselves looking for historical places.

i wonder how cambodian managed to build this place. thousands of sculptures and oh i dont know what to describe were there.

this is where they pray. the funniest part was one of their monk gave me something to pray! hu hu hu. oh, no thanks..

again, camera time. hu hu hu. any where any time. this place also can lah! wink wink..

well, there are three stages of angkor watt. each stages peeps must climbed via wooden staircase. but, the last one currently closed to public. there were not using wooden staircase but you can see down there.. dangerous, oh!

last but not least, i close this entry with my picture in front of the final stage of angkor watt..

during my visited to angkor watt i keep on wondering this and that. hu hu hu. now i realized why they used to call cambodia the kingdom of wonder..

so what are you wondering now??

p/s: next visited was the place where angelina jolie have been for tomb raider film.