this is the entrance of angkor watt

March 23, 2010.


good morning. hello there..

many thanks to those who enjoy reading my personal thoughts of cambodia.

since the trip was 4 days 3 night, and now i just managed to update about my 1st day only hu hu hu.. be patient and have some fun eh!

there are more and more hidden stories to go..

angkor watt is the 1st thing come to my mind when i imagine about cambodia the kingdom of wonder.

therefore, i proudly presents that i have visited this place once! wink-wink..

the most interesting things about cambodia is the uniqueness of their architecture. i definitely agree when i myself step in to the entrance of angkor watt.

hello.. i am not even visited the temple yet but i feels and enjoys my 1st impression a moment when i arrived!


i am not the person who loves to explore any historical places but this time i never fail to do so. ha ha ha..

i bet you, it was interesting ever.. different places got the different stories right? my point of view, i adore the architectural part of this place..

before i share my different myths, i do prefer to encourage you to visit here for further details of angkor watt. hu hu hu.

p/s: angkor watt was build since 12th century and omg now was 21st century!!