1st impression on cambodia

March 24, 2010.


hello there.. good afternoon babes!

there is a request from my buddy asking me how is cambodia? personally..cambodia is going to be a develop country.

in fact, there are trying very hard (i mean the government and private sectors) esp reducing the numbers of poverty.

however, when talking about tourism industry this country has showing good percentages and of cause numbers of tourists increased tremendously.

this is because there have thousands of historical places which must visit! ha ha ha.

ok. the real things that i love to share before we went to the next historical places are:

as i mention earlier march always in dry season. hu hu hu. *cough-cough. april is worst!

the public transportation i guess.. there were waiting in front of the entrance of the angkor watt.

cambodia sold goods. i bet you the price were much much more expensive rather that you went to the market. eh, they ord plus the logistic cost and bla bla cost..

he sold hurm.. something like snails. i believes there are lot of species of snails. might be one of that species lah.

please ignored my messy style.. i walked at the dusty road under the sun. hu hu hu.

haihh.. above are what i have experiences in cambodia. never tell me what is my impression because when my lecture inform me our field trip was cambodia then i said oh! eh? ok, fine.

p/s: i wish to visit this place during the rainy season because the weather much much more better rather than dry season!




Misbehave said...

bestnye jalan2!! mesti panas x ingat kan.huhuh.