i smells designer handbag, here

March 07, 2010.


hello there. happy sunday every one ^_____^

what are you planning for today? i am working now and work loads and responsibility increased due after the promotion.

thank you very much! sigh.

never mind, just put aside about that thing and let's take a look about other thing.. wink wink.

have you smell any new things here? ha ha ha. of cause you cant! currently i smell designer handbag..

hurm.. any one can you spot it?

this is an advance birthday present for me from my sweetheart! thank you very much..

p/s: ai! ai! capten.



syazana said...

wah..beb bestnya...nak gak...b..i want Gucci...hahaha motip

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum beb.

i love gucci too~