muscles cramp

March 11, 2010.


hurm. i guess this is my 1st time in year 2010 i nearly cramped. yess.. things that i really afraid of! hu hu hu.

early in the morning when i woke up, suddenly i feel it was nearly cramped! before this when this occur to me i just surrendered T_T dont know what to do??

but.. i am not sure where i got this idea to stretch out my muscles and force to other directions. oh, it works babe!! ha ha ha..

if i really cramped this morning assures you that my muscles will get pain until tomorrow -_____-"

lucky i manages to over come this and now i am doing fine. eh, here are tips on dealing muscles cramped:

p/s: in fact, once i experienced cramp in my toes. hu hu hu. funny feelings oh!