heat and dusty weather

March 22, 2010.


good morning buddies.

without further due, let me share my experiences in cambodia:

generally, cambodia is located at southeast asia. if i am not mistaken it takes about two hours from lcct to seam reap international airport, cambodia.

the currency is usd T_T (during my trip).. hurm. in fact during my field trip to cambodia which falls on march was the dry season! it is heat and dusty -_____-"

our 4 days 3 nights trip covered seam reap and phnom penh city. which at the 1st place i hardly imagine how it could be? we were traveling by bus.

heh.. that was not a big deals but technically we studied that from seam reap to phnom penh may takes the whole day of journey due to poor road conditions. hu hu hu.

* sounds adventures!

after check in at seam reap hotel (i forgot the name) we immediately went to angkor watt. the check point above was the place to register your personal details before you received the ticket!

it cost you 25 usd (if i am not mistaken, or might be 20 usd) hu hu hu. *cough-cough. do times 3.5 for malaysian currency eh.

omg! so hot and dusty.. you can see the clearly blue sky.. up up there!

spot me. i am the youngest among all of them. wink wink.

p/s: more and more unique pictures will coming soon.



lily lotus said...

bestnya! never been there..more stories pls..hehe