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March 22, 2010.


good morning babes. howdy? how was your weekend?

i.. i am doing fine, alhamdulillah. my weekend so far is good. on saturday i went to my mom's home town and sunday is my 1st day of working after 7 days off! *heaven.

today i would love to continue my journey to cambodia. as far as i could remember, i have written about this last year but then is my pleaseure to share it again after a year it last.

i am flying without wings to cambodia for 4 days and 3 nights.

i love to see the airport. it is unique. it is classic. it is cool, babes!

wink wink.. arrived safely in cambodia. so let's tour to the kingdom of wonder in my next entries ^______^

p/s: interesting places in cambodia will coming next. check this out later, eh.