last saturday's story


hello babes. how are you doing?

fine. i am apologized due to late update esp on this entry. hu hu hu. well, today is wednesday and i finally manage to update my last weekend story.

seriously.. this is another quick updates.

last saturday i wake up on 5 am and snoozed the alarm until 5.30 am. immediately take shower and rushed to sg besi mosque for subuh prayer.

at sg besi mosque i met the professional photographer (i promise him to meet there) around 630 am and straight away met my sweetheart's family. hurm..

some wonder.. hellooo.. what is this all about eh? .. hu hu hu.

actually last saturday is my sweetheart important day. 31st jan 2010 he commission and officially become an army's young officer. alhamdulillah.

i came from down south to support him and celebrate his important day.. i am grateful that finally he manage to complete it ^____^

the event started around 8 am and finished around 1 pm. since i hired a professional to do so unfortunately i dont have any pictures from my camera. sigh.

therefore.. just give me some time and i shall wait the dvd from my buddy a.k.a the professional photographer.

p/s: more pictures will update soon.