the professional photographer


good morning babes.

1st and foremost, i would like to send my gratitude to my buddies for cover the saturday's event for me. he did a very good job and alhamdulillah all of us were happy and enjoy!

then, on behalf of members participated on that event i believes every one is excited and cant wait to see the final touch.. in fact, the rest who cant managed to join us also wish to see the end products, of cause all pictures taken last saturday..

this is my 1st time hiring and cooperating with the professional photographer. wow, not bad! seriously.. i like it.

insya Allah next time who knows.. if there is a job, i will looking for them again. for me, this big event is one of the best moment ever. so why dont you spend some $$ to keep memories remains forever.

p/s: the teaser will updating soon.