harry potter big fan

February 21, 2010.


good morning babes. happy sunday all..

so, today what is your activity? i wish i could stay at home reading story books..

since last december 2009 i am into harry potter story books! addicted ord.

lesser that 2 months, i managed to finish 4 in a row. now i am into his book number 5: harry potter and the order of the phoenix.

in fact, this helps me to improve my vocabulary and grammar ^____^

where ever i go, this story book is the must item on the list. ha ha ha. well, reading story books is my hobby years ago and recently i hard to get the time.

then, in year 2010 one of my wish list are continue reading story books!

insya Allah, i am trying my best to finish all 7 story books of harry potter by couple of months ahead.

then.. will decide to read other story books. maybe some of you love to share and recommend what are the best series so far to get?

hey.. do catch me on comment box. i am waiting.

p/s: my sweetheart bought me ps i love you.



ijad said...

entry yang menarik..

Dayu said...

hari ni dok umah..tp tiba2 rasa nak berjalan2 sbb dah bosan dok umah
dan tiba2 lg sekali lps baca entry kamu, mahu gi acrik bahan pembacaan
dah lama tak jana otak ni..

nana cute cute said...

I also a fan of HP.. Esp the third & forth books.. my recommendation will be
1) Twilight saga ^_____^
2) Mitch Albom
3) Dan Brown
4) The chicken soup for the soul series..
and many more... i really love to read these wonderful books!!.. You should try if you haven't!

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum ijad,
thanks buddy.

assalamualaikum dayu,
hello mummy to be.
do read more stories for your baby dear. it's good for brain development!

assalamualaikum nana cute cute.
thank you very much for your recommendations.
currently twilight is the fastest selling items you know..
i do read the chicken soup when i was in school.. i love it~