when she started to voice up !!

February 20, 2010.


sorry on being so silent today. did not go any where.. i am struggling reading story books! ha ha ha.

eh. talking about what has going on today, let me share lil bit of my sat-turr-day:

wake up late.
breakfast around 11pm.
reading story book.
blog walking.
help mother.
watch bollywood. huhu.
lunch at 2pm.
reading story book.
blog walking.
skype with sweetheart.
help mother.
reading story book.
dinner around 6.30pm.
reading story book.
blog walking.

see.. i spend my whole day with reading and blog walking ^___^ however this routine is no longer available for tomorrow because..

my holiday is over. i shall go back to work. sigh. -___-" on sunday!

omg, i am lost my track again. this is always happen when i have so many things to write here. hu hu hu.

thing is i would like to write about my mom. when she started to voice up about my braces i immediately wear it back.

just because, i remove my braces when i am at home. not blaming my mom when ever she cook delicious! i cant pretend to not to eat. ha ha ha.

therefore, started on last wednesday i am off my braces because i want to eat every time she cook for us. hu hu hu. this evening she sounds me to wear it back. -_____-" luckily i have my dinner so early and now i am safely wearing braces back.

p/s: most of my day time i am wearing braces at work. off it on night. hurm. it is not a good habits!



lily lotus said...

ooo takpe ekk kejap buka kejap pakai..hehe..bila nak buka permanently

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum kak lily.

it is against the rules actually.
i shall wearing braces all the times.
but then, i love to skip -____-"
insya Allah within 6 to 12 months it will permanently remove.

* it depends on dentist recommendation too.