stressful night

February 22, 2010.


i am stressed!

last night i am looking for my camera. it is missing in action. sigh. might be i miss placed. grr..

how careless am i?? omg. what shall i do? -____-" i dont have any ideas where to search any more. isk.

i removed everything in my bedroom such as books, bags, clothes and etc just because i am worried my camera might be some where there.

unfortunately i am wrong! it still cannot be found. hurm..

sad. mad. sad. mad.

p/s: sigh.



jujahxo. said...

dlm kete kOt sheera. try carik sambil baca (ya mu'idz) banyak banyak kali. iA jumpe. carik baik baik yaaa!

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum ja.
thanks for the tips. it works, babe!