the girl school reunion 2010

February 18, 2010.


good evening babes..

welcome to my simple no longer pink blog. i still miss my pink layout but never mind this brand new layout is pretty cool too. hi hi hi.

so, couple of days ago i attended my girl school reunion at batu pahat mall, johore. omg, double awesome and congratulations to every one!

those who cant make it, never mind darlings.. next 5 years we assures another grand celebration. hurm. that is no longer reunion. it will best called as family day!

1st and foremost the reason on the girl school reunion is to say good bye to our lovely buddy, ayure bizzo. she will going to aussie to cont study. currently she is in holiday mode (semester break)..

i know her since we are 9 years old! we went to the same primary and secondary schools. in fact, we are about close within each others because we are active in sports, curriculum activities and events as well as always in the same classes.

she is one of my great great buddies! hugs you darling.

enough about her.. psst, i am not supposed to exposed her much because this is my blog! ha ha ha.

back about the girl school reunion, every one pleased to meet again after almost 7 years left school. some still maintain slim and slender, some gain more and most of them have turn from naive girl school to super diva divana ladies. ha ha ha.

except me!

the best part is every one is still the same. no matter what are they doing now, they are still love and appreciate this friendship. alhamdulillah.

hope this friendship is last forever, darlings.

then, here you are one of my best buddies in girl school is syazana, best known as along between us. we are knowing each other since form 1 (13 years old).

she's totally crazy! hard to describe, unpredicted, naughty, gangster, hot-tempered, tough and rough, what else??! ha ha ha. by the way, never judge peeps by it's cover.

personally, be her friends and you will definitely know how she was. hugs you darling! i miss our old days at hostel..

eh.. eh. i thought i am out of track again. hu hu hu. supposed i am sharing about the reunion is it? it is ok. next entry lah. this time i just sharing about my lovely buddies.

p/s: lots of pictures after this.
much more fun and enjoyable.
cannot stop laughing.
i miss you babes.



syazana said...

lupa nak cakap...tq so much beb...
sbb upload gambar sengal ayu dalam FB hahahahaha~....

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum beb.

ha ha ha. pity her, dowh!