the never ending story

February 19, 2010.


hello babes. howdy?

here are the full story of the girl school reunion 2010. check this out:

i am ex-temenggong ibrahim girl school (tigs), batu pahat student batch 1998-2002. generally the reunion is for any ex-tigs babies esp in the same batch who ever did staying in hostel or not.

the manager of the day is ayure bizzo who immigrants in aussie (ha ha ha) and spend her semester break in malaysia. then another two important runners of the day is along and angah!

greats.. both of them sounds like siblings is it? rolling eyes. but they are not!

after the 1st round in bowling every one went to mk restaurant, batu pahat mall for having their late lunch. since i was having my lunch at home, so i ordered creamy vanilla milkshake.

chit chatting, gossiping and laughing are our mainly objectives! keep on updating about others as well as sharing old days hilarious stories. ha ha ha.

alhamdulillah.. some of them came down form kl, jb, pahang, segamat, ayer hitam, batu pahat and etc etc just because to grab this chances meeting again after spm 2002! well done, babes.

as for me, even i am not feeling well (cough and sore throat ), i never wasted this precious times and make sure i was there. wink wink..

this is because on year 2010, i missed two weddings because i am in kl met sweetheart and on duty. sigh.

well, this time by hook or by crook i manages to attend!

p/s: next are bowling time darlings..



syazana said...

Bila nak lepak lg ek?
rasa mcm x puas je hr tu.....

Dayu said...

sekolah pompuan..best2..
tp skrg dh jarang ada reunion ni
smua dah ada hal masing2
ramai lak dh kuar daerah
smua bersepah2
susah dh nak ada reunion2 ni
paling pun jumpe time raya lah