another braces updates ..

February 18, 2010.


hello there..

tomorrow will be my 1st month anniversary wearing braces. hu hu hu.

eh, hello every single days i am counting in order to remove this and wish to live as a normal human on the earth like others.

without further due, before i lost track let me share lil progress about my braces:

(1) i am free with ulcers! thank god.

(2) i do not having any problems chit chatting. even sometimes, i sounds awkward but my buddies understand me well. however, peeps who seldom talk to me will asking me to repeat my words. sigh.

(3) since mine is removable braces, i sometimes remove this when i rushed! bad habits.

(4) still having difficulty to brush my teeth or eat esp when i just removed my braces. it's hurt..

(5) even the doctor have told me to wear braces every time i eat but i always skip the rule. hu hu hu.

(6) ok. i am excited about this! i feels my teeth alignment is slowly removed.

(7) next two weeks will be my 6th appointment with my dentist. he will squeeze wires on my braces to make it tight! for sure, i hardly speaking and eating for almost two or three days T_T

hurm. i guess that's enough updates about my daily life with braces.

p/s: my hits increased because of 'braces' keyword but my weight lost due to this magical word too. yesss, another kilos after a month.



daela said...

x nmpk jelas la shira...windu kat adik ku sorang ni..sihat x..?

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum kak dila.

next time i will post clearer pictures ok.