wah!! what sort of title is this?? hu hu hu.

last two weeks are my bloody busy and messy days ever. i had a complicated life due with certain protected reasons. *out dated story huh.. never mind.

i packed everything and moved to my home sweet home.

the reason for moving are :

(a) my contract rented this room is until end of 2009. supposed can be continue but then i think better i stay at home sweet home johore for free ^____^

(b) i successfully finished 11 out of 12 subjects in uitm. ha ha ha. what a great job cik syahira.. finally i made it!

(c) some might asking what about another one more subject. hu hu hu. it is dissertation maa. i am taking it this semester.. even i stay at home i stand still can complete my dissertation with strong will -___-"

... i guess that's it.

then, picture above taken on my last day in my room. this small and empty room gave me so many memories.. the bed esp. a place for rest, have my meals most of the lazy time, blogging and etc etc.

a sad day when i left this room and i will miss every single things happen here.my best buddies used to lepak-lepak in my room sometimes too.


i wonder what a great chances if i got job in klang valley or kl! i'll definitely rent this room forever! ha ha ha.


sugarpie said i am not worth for them if i married so soon! T_T gulp.

p/s: how could you??! miss my ex-house mates so much. ha ha ha.