study trip to cambodia 2009


good evening babes.

stand still here updating some of my photo collections on year 2009. this is my 3rd time went abroad ^___^ learn about other cultures, styles and visit their interesting places.

so far, i was visited:

1st place is thailand, 2003

2nd is indonesia, 2008

3rd is cambodia, 2009

4rd .. stand still wondering where to go. maybe singapore ^__*

eh eh.. enough said. here some random pictures in cambodia:

so lazy to insert captions or descriptions T.T" huhu. since action speaks louder, so i hope you babes enjoy learning about cambodia, the heritage kingdom ^____^ uniquely cambodia. i miss my buddy makara, a cambodian lady. she's kind hearted and it's nice meeting her in phnom penh.

p/s: my 2nd time with air asia. not bad lah o__O



lily lotus said...

bestnya sambil study sambil jalan2..take care

*ayu the sun* said...

oh dear... pls pls pls eloborate sikit pls.. i always wanted to go cambodia but mcm x banyak reference. (i mean from friends lah.. in teh web sure lah banyak..)


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