colors of my life ^___^


here i share few pictures colored my 2009:

(1) boosted my energy in red!

(2) birthday card to my sweetheart on feb

(3) a place where i always visit, upnm ^___^

(4) there inspired me 24/7 ! omg..

(5) i am driving alone.. most of the time T.T"

(6) belated birthday present.. lil pink panther.

(7) like no place to go ss2 murni

(8) an evening at klcc

(9) a place where i call home

(10) night life when i was driving. not as beautiful as most peeps thought T.T"

(11) just to kill my time. huhu.. good try, syahira !!

(12) he. who stand by my side and never give up.

p/s: i pray for the best in 2010 onwards.