kinder bueno ??


another entry before we're entering 2009 2010! so far on 2009 i am addicted with kinder bueno. 24/7 craving for this creamy chocs with hazelnuts.

esp when it come with great promotions said 3 packs for rm 8.00++ i'll grab it 6 packs! and can finish it less than 5 minutes ^___^

i am kinda hate certain places where by there sell this rm 4 per pack !! insane, ok. so expensive !! huhhh.. stand still jusco always give me better deals.. wink.wink..

unfortunately when i was in langkawi island seriously i forgot to grab this as much as i can T.T" sigh. ngee.. hate myself. how could i??!

and now i believes that this 6 packs will finish sure before midnight. huhu.

p/s: babes, what is your favvy?



~eZmALiZa~ said...

we have the same taste sis.. :) ezma likes kinder bueno too.. but ezma dun like the white choc bcoz it is too sweety.. :)

cik syahira said...

ezma, yeay! i have gang.. love kinder bueno ^__^

*ayu the sun* said...

sedapnya!!!! nak skets... leh?:)

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