silly scary funny zombie land huhh


before i go further on this complicated movie review huhu.. i just note here that last wednesday my sweetheart got christmas holiday means he can going home until sunday 1600. thank god!

we spend the precious time together dating, watching movies, shopping and traveling to malacca.

1st thing when we're dating he ask me for subway. wink..wink. he addicted with subway like auntie anne's before. no matter where we are going he will looking for subway and have it at least one.

enough about food and let's go to watch silly scary funny zombie in zombieland. haha.. last thursday, my sweetheart and i touch and go with kak red in front of mac. at the same time i sms my buddy, rina and wish to meet her since i was in klcc. unfortunately due to uncertainty we cant make it. maybe next time k.

then my sweetheart ask for watching avatar but there's so many peeps during that time q for avatar. sigh. i told him to watch it by next time and should booking the ticket via online 1st.

while q at tgv klcc i suggest what if we marathon both zombieland and sherlock holmes but he insist to watch one movie only. ok, fine.

finally we watch zombieland.

actually i not have any ideas what this movie are all about. he told me this is a funny movie. yesss.. it is! i even cant stop laughing from a to z. omg.. just a simple movie about zombie attacked. the hero, a young guy was trying to survive from the attack with so many rules.

silly but it is logic! then i always tell sweetheart, wearing a seat belt in order to survive just like under zombie's attacked! hahaha..

the hero met few of peeps who are still alive and so many tips and tricks to survive included betray within them. their mission is going to one theme park where by one lil girl told that there's zombie free areas. of cause it's impossible to find any zombie free areas right? what ever.

i said this is complicated because i hardly describe what exactly the end of the story. what ever it is, i just enjoy laughing with sweetheart watching this silly scary funny movie. hahha..

p/s: i watch avatar 3d too. it's recommended!