farmville request


being sometime lazy sometime hardworking on farmville.. what, farmville?? thought it's a working or studying issues?? huhu..

believes me, everyone of cause addicted with something say games, or what so ever to kill your time or killing your self for most of the time playing games. again.. huhu..

back to the story on playing farmville, when my mood is swinging up and down i just left my farm without planting everything let my neighbors help me out fertilizing or what so ever in my farm..

things that i wish about this game is can they moderate all the request at one time. no need to accept one by one, over and over again. currently i have 33 farmville gift requests and 4 farmville neighbors requests. which i shall click yes for 37 times just to accept all their requests??

are there any ideas how to make it easier and friendly? T.T"

is better to feed my fish or update blog rather than click yes for 37 times and waiting for 37 time pages downloading -___-" sigh.

p/s: i play happy aquarium too ^__^