fear factors !!


i turn on my mood to a happy happy mode! yeay!! ^___^

so, let's go to last update on langkawi island " an escapism to the new world. " wink..wink. eh. eh.. i thought this is finish ord??! huhu. not yet lah.

talking about fear factor, i remember about one tv show called fear factor which the contestant need to be fear less. phew! so challenging is it?

so, this is not sharing about my fear less, this is about my mom. her fears are towards cat fish, snakes and all sort of ikan sungai.

at the moment we went to langkawi island, at kota mahsuri where by well known as makam mahsuri there's one stall sell sup gamat.

omg. without further due i step in to that stall and order one bowl. this is what i really wanted to eat when i watch one documentary about gamat years ago. i believes that it helps to give internal strength for women instead of beauty and health.

i let my mom taste it 1st. then she told me never imagine anything. just quickly finish it! hurm.. why?? i am a type of person who really likes to feel,slowly eat and enjoy it.

surprised! my mom cant eat it. huhu.. immediately she looks for sweets to cover the weird taste. huhu. fine, mom.

as for me i love it so much! i didnt smells anything weird or taste anything bad. i just love the soup. i assure that one day when i come again to langkawi island, i'll definitely look for this again.


another fear factor is about shopaholic hormones. madness T.T" does this hormones existed??

as long as cash are still with you, you'll definitely grab every single things near by you. sob. sob. ok, never registered for credit card!

my mom spend only rm 200++ for chocs but her college spend rm 400++ ok! she's even crazy than us! my bag pack was full with chocs and it takes me few days to relief the shoulder's pain! huhu.

on my 3 days 3 nights escapism to langkawi island i just have below items:

chocs, handbag and purse, pink batik and sarung for sweetheart and (gamat's product + bedsheets) are not in pictures.

langkawi island is one of the best place for honeymoon too. dont you think? o___*

p/s: i saw vintage set only rm 600 in haji ismail group but rm 2500++ in klcc.