kind of frustrated with him. sigh


* take a deep breath. sigh.

this is not i wanted to publish but this is my blog where by part of my journey and place to share my feelings.

i will save and mark this for my self references for future references..

sms conversations:

him: kak shira, i m sooo sory.. Appnment ptg ni batal, specialist xde ptg ni. i ll reschedule back wt u. so so sory.

i: Ok.NextTimeInformEarlierYe..

him: i ll try. i m bz, u have 2 kno dat..

i: It'sOk.Faham..DoTextMeSoonYe.

him: Ok. i m not dealing wt u alone, i have a lot of patients.. Dont mess up wt me. Tq.

i: Ups.Ok.SayaTakBermaksudMacamTu.

hurm.. should he treats me like this?? or my languages are still not soft spoken enough??

what ever it is, i seriously frustrated with him -__-" just play safe, i ask apologized with him 1st even though costumer is always right.. no matter what. sigh.

when i read his sms, my blood raised up! i am shocked! i never thought he will respond like that T.T" i thought he should treat his patient nicely otherwise might be i am too harsh with him.

actually he already know that i'll be back to johore by early january and he promise me to schedule my appointment by this weekend. but then, at the last minutes he reschedule it. fine. i accept it o__O

ouh.. actually the difficult part is when he text " Dont mess up wt me." !! oh my god! i take it seriously.. definitely!

being a professional to-be he should master public relationship skills.. because i am no body he can simply do this to me (just my assumptions) what if i am some body? could he do this to me? say i am a daughter of vvip.

enough said.

i hope everything gonna be ok. if he saw i mess his life, i ask for his apologized.

p/s: i am not a loser when ask apologized to peeps right?