craft class with terompahsurau


good morning babes.

last week on hurm.. hurm.. when eh? huhu.. oh, last saturday on 26 dec my sweetheart and i went to klcc again. yes.. like no place to go. klcc.

on saturday morning there's one tragic incident happen when i have to wait my sweetheart to pick me up supposed on 10 am. unfortunately, he arrived shah alam around 1 pm. hah! well done.

might be my sweetheart live in johore! fine.. but, he is some where in kl only.. nge! take almost 3 hours and it's enough for me to turn my mood down. grrr..

enough on the tragic incident, let's take a look what this is all about!

in order to support my housemate, i join her craft class at levi's klcc. at 3 pm ++ i step in to levi's and saw terompahsurau! cea.. we're housemate, every day we see the same face is it. but this time so super excited to meet her because i participated in her class ^___^

i asked sweetheart to join me too but he insist to do so. never mind. as long as he's free accompanying me, was great! he become my amateur photographer. i guess, there's lot of skills he need to improve to enhance the quality of my pictures. huhu. never mind, sweetheart. good try!

p/s: i was sewing hand phone cover but some body interested with it and he take mine. T.T"