avatar is the best so far!


couple of weeks ago i watch princess & the frog with terompahsurau. before there started the movie, there shows the latest movie trailer, avatar.

my 1st impression is euww! what is this??! urghh. i wont see this! what kind of cartoon movie?? hurm. me, not like lah. not my type etc etc -___-"

nah! but then after i read few of blogger reviews about this movie, saw peeps line up like crazy just to watch avatar and the main reason is my sweetheart recommended this movie finally last saturday i book avatar 3d at klcc.

omg.. this is the best movie i ever watched so far! i love the animation which in fantasy world. the alien world is double awesome! some are weird, unique but still acceptable ^___^

an example the huge tree where they called as home, creatures like horse wolf flying animals name banshee and leonopterix as their main transportations, the alien world and the war itself between peeps and avatar.

T.T" since this movie is quite long, almost 3 hours i am sleepy at the half way. huhu.. might be i am tired. huhu..

hey.. you should watch it babes.. what are you waiting for? go booking at tgv or gsc nearest you ^___^

p/s: so what's movie next? wink..wink.



Linda Ali said...

yes!!!! best best best :p

adawiyah said...

huuuu~ xtgk lg...xde geng....