she likes me


hello babes..

what's going on there? now, i dont have any ideas what to share about.. just upload a cute baby girl picture.

i met her last week on one event in bukit antarabangsa. she's one year old, chubby girl, so sweet and friendly.

i sat next to her mom and snap photos for that event. she look at me and slowly step to me.. she hold my shoulder and understand that i shoot photos. she pointed at my camera and smile. then started her baby languages! hehhe..

kids nowadays love camera right?? certain of them afraid to come nearer but this one love to make friends. even, we've never met before.. she shows her interest on me. wink..wink.

p/s: recently, i dont have any problems to hold baby. sounds great!



lily lotus said...

dah ada ciri2 keibuan tu ;)