special from batu pahat


hi babes.

today i love to share one special menu from batu pahat, johore. here you are introducing you .. *drum rools.


what others said about mee racun?


and i said ..

you should try this when visiting batu pahat, johore. instead of mee bandung, nasi beriyani gam and air kathira, mee racun also one of famous and must have one!

i ate this 3 times yesterday! ouh.. serious delicious.. spicy, lots of scramble eggs, pieces of meats and potatoes, veggies and etc..

p/s: this is my sis favvy. hurm. that's why my dad bought it! in fact, i love it too.



jujahxo. said...

mee racun?? dari mane ni?? nape i tak penah dengar ek?