no smoking


hello babes. good evening!

special to all spm candidates, wishing you babes all the best !! later i'll share my memories while taking spm last 2002. hehe..

back to the topic, i am concern with our younger brothers and sisters who are smoking when they're students in school. *sigh. especially when they're in school uniforms. hurm..

i saw those spm candidates smoking in front of my house. pictures taken when they just finish their evening paper.. this scenario was usually happen every morning and after school days.

this culture didnt change. i do remember when i was young, i saw students smoking too at the same place. i thought, who am i want to say about them directly. so, i blog about it.

i hope things can be change. how? when? just wait and see..

p/s: am i a paparazzi?? huhu..