pulai spring resort (3)


hello babes.

well, today's entry was full house with my short trip to jb. it's very short which just 2 days 1 night only..

since we didnt have much time to explore this areas, he managed to shoot the entrance of our hotel where by can be seen at picture's below. picture taken after i complaining told him to do so.

based from pulai spring resort website, shows 2 places which cintaayu all suites and anugraha. from below's entrance can be seen cintaayu (our hotel) and supposed at the left side of picture was anugraha.

-_-" disappointed because cant share with you the entrance of anugraha which i really adore! full of uniqueness and classical design. like a palace.. oh.. shall we need to go again? huhu.. no worry, next time i'll shoot thousands of pictures.

then this is a lovely view from my balcony. so greenish.. i love trees. i love landscape. i wish i could draw this.. wink..wink.

p/s: i thought some of you babes wonder what we do at pulai spring resort? it's not a honeymoon because we're not married yet..