danga bay


hello babes..

basically my short trip was not about honeymoon bf/gf, it's about family trip to jb. please.. dont misunderstanding me k -_-" who knows? if any..

let's continue my short trip to jb:

around 9 pm we went to danga bay. we stand for sweetheart's family and i. there 3 cars convoy together..

after the leader, his brother lost his track to danga bay -_-" sweetheart and i get tempered and wasted about 1 hour finally we managed to reach danga bay. sigh. alhamdulillah..

we have seafood which turn on my allergies super delicious! thank you very much sweetheart for that special treats.

here are some pictures proven sweetheart family and i have our dinner together. since i sit next to him and i am the amateur photographer of the day, there's no picture of myself..

p/s: until today, i suffered with allergies due eating seafood! help..



kusuma said...


ada email tak?
kk nak tnye something la...