pulai spring resort (2)


hello babes..

let me share about my short trip to jb:

last friday i went to jb around 10 am. the journey only take about 1 and half hours. i would like to great my buddy jannah for giving me the best instruction until i reached utm around 1130 am safely..

while waiting for sweetheart..

jannah and i hang out at old town, jj bandar universiti for late breakfast. we spend until 2 pm.. chit chatting, sharing and we really having a great time together. there almost 5 years we're not met each others.

she take me a very short tour at bandar universiti and utm, skudai.

thanks dear.. i know you read my blog. wink..wink.

almost 3 pm, i met my sweetheart and went to pulai spring resort.

i love the entrance and way along to the resort. lots of big trees shady the road. damn.. pretty cool~ i love everything about this place..

things make me quit disappointed is we dont have enough times to explore the resort -_-" i asked sweetheart to shoot few pictures before we enter the hotel but then he said later still can have a tour. end up, we rushed on the next day and forgot to shoot pictures!

p/s: go google the link for more details on pulai spring resort.



lily lotus said...

mesti seronok kat sinikan..nampak tenang jer scenery dia

Dayu said...

kita yang mmg org johor pun tak pernah sampai sini