melon is awesome!!


hello babes! happy wednesday.. serious.. time flies very fast, oh!

well, last night i google and ...

i found melon is awesome!! couldnt stop thinking about melon..melon..and melon. heh?? what is melon??! omg.. melon is part of colors chart lol.. -__-" not sure what are the combination but looks alike baby pink..

let's take a look some of melon's pictures:

(1) like party princess. i love this crown.. cool~

(2) what a perfect date with this pretty gown.. oh, so fabulous!!

(3) i adore this designer purse.. eh, the smell become stronger here ^.^ i like it!

(4) it simple but pretty cool and perfect for date! feels great..

see..see.. i couldnt stop thinking about them. yes.. those items.. i should have one or two.. ups!! i feel the shopping hormones boosted.. ahhahaha..

Best regards,


syazana said...

i like the dress...nak2

jujahxo. said...

i like the shoes. tp heels la. tak suka!