light pollution - MPE 657 assignment


after few days of self brainstorming, finally i would like to choose 'light pollution' topic in order to fulfill requirement of MPE 657 subject.

students allowed to select any phenomenal issues and critically discussed about them. then, they have to suggest or recommend ideas on how to mitigate this issue before it harm our nature..

save guard our earth ^___^

here are the commercial against light pollution:

light pollution is any adverse of affect on artificial lighting including sky glow, glare, light trespass, light clutter, decreased visibility at night and energy waste.

example in new york city and las vegas. usually it happen at the big and busy city operated 24 hours non stop.. sigh.

generally this phenomena affected to:

- interferer with astronomical observatories.
- disrupt ecosystem.
- adverse health affects.

however possible solution recommended:

- turning lights off using a timer.
- improving lighting fixtures.
- adjusting the type of light used.
- evaluating existing lighting plans.

so.. choices are in your hand. happy helping to save guard our earth o_O

* information above will elaborating more for the purpose of submission my assignment.

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