hi babes..

hurm.. have you ever experienced when you think more about future, makes you worried+afraid+nervous+unprepared+blur and turn headaches?!

huhu.. sounds complicated is it?

i used to plan for my life but then sometimes i need to stand by for plan a,b,c even d! it's true.. well, successful person are when they prepare for things but failure prepare for fails when they didnt. -__-" seems like that la.

lucky i am in love with my best friend.. lucky to have been where i have been lucky to be coming home again..uhhh..uhhh..uhhhhhhhh..oohhh..uhhhhhhh..

enough singing..

so.. where we are? ok.. let's sharing about why we're getting like that?? there's few theories <- huhu.. basically my opinions about them..

i thought:

because we're not sure what's will going on further.
because influenced by people surroundings.
because not confident on ourselves!
because not prepared yet.
because afraid to do some actions
because we're still inside the box!
because i headaches and blur so i asked this to you -___-"

Best regards,


syazana said...

me too..
n blurr...
again n again

jujahxo. said...

i pOn sama. baru masuk skOl ni mcm terkapai kapai sket. ayooo