adopting kitties


hello babes.

good morning..

are there any body have experiences adopting kitties? you are most welcome to share tips and tricks with me. i do read kak red's blog which she's the red diva sharing thousands of info including adopting kitties..

fyi, adopting kitties is what i wanted to do since years ago. when i was young my dad adopted more than 10 kitties! i used to live with them. when we move to new house, we only brought with us a kitty but unfortunately he's missing T.T"

and last sunday, during sweetheart's family visited my house we found another 3 kitties as well visited too ^.^ i cant stand anymore and cuddling with those kitties. my dad told me there were our neighbor's..

1st kitty which i hold was very friendly and lovely. she walk in to my house and play around with sweetheart's siblings.. the rest 2 kitties were playing out side. the funniest part is sweetheart doesnt like kitty but she run to him 1st! ahhaha..

things happen in front of every one. like ever body sitting together and chit chatting suddenly she jump to my sweetheart! oh, so sweet.. i thought, she knows my sweetheart doesnt like her. she bullied him! huhuhhuhu..

i wish to visit my neighbor and ask her if she has couple of kittens, do let me adopting them. wink..wink.

p/s: sweetheart desnt like kitty but i love them.. so how??